Red Wolf Fingerboards started in 2007. But I have been fingerboarding since 2001. I started making decks just for fun for myself in 2006. I wasn't very good then, and I didn't have all the wonderful equiment I have now. I won't bore you claiming that my companies perfect or was born over night. The fact being, every new deck I make is better then the last one. People can claim to reach a point in life when they can never do better and no more effort can be put into something. Making decks has helped me in life realize that  you can always do more.  I have learned from running a company and making a product with my own two hands, that improvement is an everyday thing. A deck you buy from me today will be better than the one I sold to you yesterday. I am constantly trying to improve my product whether it's new gules, better woods, or better graphics. I'm stepping up my game. #Itsjustfingerboards